Provide efficiency in your OPERations
By using OPER

OPER is a software that enables the real-time management of manual procedures by converting them to digital media.

It provides instant data flow through the application established on mobile devices and enables simultaneous execution of all operation processes in multiple locations.

This system consists of two subsections.

Oper Kokpit


The first part is the Cockpit screen, This screes is a web-based application. By connecting to your cockpit screen from anywhere, you can instantly check all processes and planning of your factory and make real-time job assignments. You can easily view the results of job assignments in the reporting section on your cockpit screen.

Oper Mobil


The second part is the mobile application where you can manage field activities in real time You can apply work tasks which, are created from the cockpit screen, in the mobile app. Without the need to manually write your live data on paper, you can collect the data digitally and automatically send your report to the person who assigned you a job.

In addition, the system can work OFFLINE. When the system is online, it transfers the recorded data directly to the system. In this way, there is no hesitation in field activities.

OPER Gerçek Zamanlı Prosedür Yönetimi

OPER integration consists of four main stages;

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Description: The main data to be used in the system are defined. An asset is created on the web-based server. Assets can be transferred to certain groups or distinguished from groups.

Planning: Which procedure / who / when / which asset is it executing. The procedures of the assets are transferred to the field via the web-based server. Then, a task order is created.

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Execution: Procedures are carried out in a mobile environment. The system does not need to think. The created tasks were transferred to mobile applications in the fields. It shows you what to do according to time and task sequence

Reporting: Reports are created on the application. Thanks to the data collected with the mobile application, a report is created in the system. User can easily access reports from the cockpit screen

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Oper, regardless of sector and processes, can be used for the management of all kinds of procedures by easily designing the functions depending on the instructions. The application installed on mobile devices provides real-time data flow, allowing instant monitoring of all operational processes. Mobile applications also guide practitioners for the flow of predefined procedures, informing them about the details of all steps with visual, text and sample videos.