FIGITAL transformation
is starting with OPER

Real Time
procedure Management System

High efficiency
for your OPERations

bug-free workflow
for OPERators

OPER is a software that enables the real-time management of manual procedures by converting them to digital media.

It provides instant data flow through the application established on mobile devices and enables simultaneous execution of all operation processes in multiple locations.

Fiziksel + Dijital = Fijital

Digital transformation helps us to see invisible side of the big pictures. With digital transformation; our procedures are low-cost, small footprint, low energy consumption and equipment with low manpower but also high security. This transformation is providing high efficiency to our work flow.

With the vision of “Operational Excellence and Digital Solution’’, This FIJITAL transformation that OPER solution, provides the digital design,planning and execution of the process instructions in all functions of your company.