Avoid errors in your OPERations
By using OPER

With OPER, you can manage all types of field operation procedures independently of the sectors.

Either use the procedures inside the OPER application or create new procedures. Most importantly, you can easily manage it with visually supported application OPER. You will be able to easily manage your processes and operations with the OPER application, which has 4R assurance, which allows you to manage the procedures used manually in business operations as FIGITAL.

ight time
ight place
ight style
ight person


  • OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) procedures,
  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) procedures,
  • LOTO (Logo ut- Tag out), risk analysis,
  • 2C (Check & Confirm) applications,
  • Acceptance of raw materials,
  • Quality control procedures,
  • HR procedures such as recruitment, layoff, training
  • Factory Control Procedures
OPER Akış Diagramı

The initial small changes may have a lot of gains. You will see this easily with OPER. With OPER, you will be able to create and easily manage your procedures. Also you will receive good feedback from your field staff, besides you will have an easy management system for you. The limits of procedures are limited only by your imagination. You can easily create a managemen system on each entity.

When you start using OPER, you will get high efficiency from the 3 most important factors;

Oper İş Gücü


No longer, employees are needed to conduct inspections. All you need is a only mobile device. With the many analysis files in the system, you will know what to check and you won't miss a bit of detail.

Oper Maliyet


As the most challenging part of digital transformation, you will now save manpower. While more people do the same job physically, fewer people will be able to do it in the digitalized company.. This will indirectly increase the productivity of the labor force and reduce the over-spending.

Oper Zaman


Collected or calculated data must be saved in the system in some way. Transfer of data collected in this written environment to digital media causes time loss. For this reason, our application that wants to provide convenience to your life, will create extra time in your life.

Oper Faydalar


  • Integrates data in different formats by integrating with industry software.
  • Directs practitioners for early intervention in adverse developments.
  • Allows you to group similar processes at different times.
  • Reveals analysis data that can be used in different environments.
  • Simplifies the implementation of different processes simultaneously.
  • Simultaneous integration for different processes.
  • New staff accelerates the orientation process.
  • Recovers from physical documents and documentation.
  • Provides one-stop management.
  • Prevents operator-induced errors.
  • Saves time and cost.
  • Prevents unauthorized instruction.


Can be integrated with different software applications.

Directs operators and practitioners to the workflow.

Collect data automatically and manually.

Provides centralized operations management.

Can be integrated quickly and easily.

Provides real-time management.