Facilitate process in your OPERations,
By using OPER

OPER consists of two main sections: Configuration and Planning Environment (OPER Web) and Procedure Propulsion Environment (OPER Mobile).

You can see the OPER components that work integrated with the developed OPER application to manage all kinds of processes below.

Oper Kokpit


OPER centralizes process management by offering multi-zone management from a single point with the management module Cockpit. It can simultaneously follow the operations carried out in different locations and provide synchronization. All functions such as defining, revising and combining new processes with different processes can be easily performed through the Cockpit.

Administrative Reporting

OPER keeps detailed records of all the processes tracked simultaneously and online. Also provides detailed administrative reports to increase efficiency within the company. The reality rate of the resulting reports is at the maximum level since it prevents operator / practitioner errors during the formation of the registration data. Instant reports prepared with up-to-date data allow for rapid improvements in ongoing processes. The data collected in the procedures can be created in preferred formats and transmitted for use in different software and processes.

Oper Yönetimsel Raporlama
Oper Varlık Haritası

Entity Map

All kinds of items that are part of the processes can be turned into part of the asset map by entering their coordinates into the system. With this feature, the operator to carry out the controls and operations is directed to the relevant location by the mobile device with the OPER application. The operator can perform the operations to be carried out with the help of the OPER application in a way that will not leave room for the error and sends the necessary warnings, if any.

Procedure Tracking and Operational Registration

It enables the monitoring and management of simultaneous transactions within the procedure from a single point. It can collect data manually, automatically and through the operator.
It shows messages for pre-defined status or applications within the procedure, it can send SMS or E-Mail to multiple units defined in the system. It informs the operator exactly about the transaction to be performed and directs it to the location to be processed.

Oper Prosedür Takibi ve Operasyonel Kayıt
Oper Online + Offline Çalışabilme

Online + Offline

Oper instantly converts the records of physically performed transactions to digital records through its mobile application. The application on the operator's mobile device saves data to transmit when there is a connection again, even without internet access.

Advanced Logging System

With its advanced logging system, OPER automatically records all actions performed by practitioners, along with time and location information. Even physical actions performed by the practitioners can be recorded and monitored without leaving any room for error. Thus, real analyzes and retrospective checks can be made easily.

Oper Gelişmiş Loglama Sistemi